With tight budget restrictions and significant pressure to deliver results, today’s schools, academies, colleges, and universities are run as much like businesses as they are places of education.

Needing to align to government policy, undertake essential research, engage the private sector, attract students while justifying any fees, and add social value, poor connectivity presents as a damaging obstacle.

LCR Connect are working to overcome this obstacle using next-generation, city region-led technology to deliver positive impact on LCR’s teaching and learning. Our bespoke regional network will accelerate schools’ digital learning agenda, improving outcomes for all classrooms by supporting a digital-rich curriculum across every school and college.

LCR schools have the opportunity to become the most secure in an online world, with an infrastructure to build and transform on smaller budgets, and the connectivity to power world-class science, innovation, and enterprise.

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Our education customers can expect:

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