Public Sector and Local Government

Public sector and local government institutions provide the critical services that communities could not function without. However, bound as they are to stringent frameworks and bureaucratic mechanisms, they are also often slow-moving. It’s a problem that is exacerbated by poor internet connectivity. 

LCR Connect use the best technology in the world today to provide the connectivity that opens doors, deepens conversations and grows partnerships to help create united, shared, and open communities that are proud to be part of the Liverpool City Region. 

Our Faster Britain network will allow the city region’s public bodies to share information reliably, flexibly, and efficiently through a digital infrastructure with the transformational power to meet growing demand from citizens on diminishing budgets. 

With security always at the forefront of decision-making, your purpose-built, future-proof City Region Faster Britain network will protect you from the inside-out, supporting your digital transformation and helping budgets work harder and go further. 

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Our Public Sector / local government customers can expect:

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