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LCR Connect is a joint venture that will deliver a 212km full-fibre, ultrafast, gigabit-capable network infrastructure across the Liverpool City Region. It is half-owned by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, in partnership with North West-based ITS Technology Group, who will lead the project, working alongside construction partner NGE, who are managing the build and roll out of the network.

This will be a network across all six boroughs of the City Region, that connects local ‘access’ networks, which connect individual users to the internet, to the national ‘core’ network which connects towns and cities. It’s like a regional ring road that provides a link between local roads and motorways.

The LCR Connect network will be capable of carrying high capacity high speed – one gigabit per second and above – digital information and data and will connect to national and international digital infrastructure at recognised locations.


There is a direct causal link between digital infrastructure investment and economic growth – research from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) estimate £20 net economic impact for every £1 public investment in digital infrastructure.

Digital innovation and improved productivity could enable exponential growth in skills and jobs and transform the Liverpool City Region, particularly in areas where we are already strong, such as high-performance computing, infectious diseases, advanced manufacturing, personalised medical care and culture (including e-gaming).

Better digital connectivity will also offer Local Authorities and the health sector an opportunity to explore the innovation of public services. Digital transformation of public sector service delivery could be a game-changer for the residents of LCR.

Our technology partner ITS is a trusted provider of wholesale business communications and is a significant stakeholder in bringing LCR Connect Services to market.

The rollout of the network is happening now and ITS has multiple partners from whom customers can purchase services.

Contact LCR Connect here to register for updates and early offers.

All customers ordering a service before 31 October 2021 will be given a 10% discount on the lifetime of their contract.

Even if full service is not yet available in your postcode LCR Connect can provide a range of early service solutions and will migrate your connection to the full network within 12 months.

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Currently, the network is being built to serve and support businesses, the public sector and third sector organisations across the region. Further information relating to residential access will be made available.

We will have to dig where brand new infrastructure is installed. Where exactly, is dependent on cost, space and anticipated levels of disruption to LCR residents and transport network users. Whilst some of the network will be installed in the road, ducting will also be installed in footway, cycleway and grass verges. LCRCA will use its position to work with Local Authorities to minimise disruption, by taking a unique ‘Dig Once’ approach to align with other capital works/roadworks.

Dig Once is the idea that we can install our digital infrastructure at the same time as we undertake other work, such as highway repairs or creating cycling and walking routes. Dig Once is a practical way of collaborating between organisations that are working within the highway to help minimise disruption and reduce incremental costs. We also, where possible, look to use existing infrastructure to avoid disruptive digs.

The deployment of fibre infrastructure is essential for those who live and work in our city region to benefit from the fastest and most reliable connectivity, whether it be fixed gigabit-capable broadband or 5G mobile.

LCRCA are not deploying 5G technology – we are building a fibre network. However, we want to deliver a standard and quality of network that enables future expansion; growth and commercialisation; and innovation. The network will enable any future service provider to connect services, provide connectivity and where necessary provide additional fibre deployment. Users of the network may choose to utilise the fibre infrastructure to offer 5G services in the future.

The £30m Joint Venture is 50% owned by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, which is investing up to £15m. The rest of the investment is coming from Joint Venture partners ITS and NGE.

Connecting our digital assets will put us at the forefront of areas where we are already strong, such as high-performance computing, infectious diseases, advanced manufacturing, personalised medical care and culture (including e-gaming).

The Hartree Centre is home to some of the most advanced high-performance computing, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the world and works with SMEs and international corporations alike to deliver transformative gains in performance and productivity.

Transatlantic cables carrying links from economic and data hotspots in Dublin and the United States make land in the City Region. By developing our own gigabit-capable network can develop as a stronger data creator by extending the reach of its existing business base and attracting new high-value users to LCR Connect.

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