LCR Connect: why it’s not just another telecoms network

The UK’s telecommunications infrastructure is being overhauled as the country prepares for the retirement of the copper networks that have worked so hard for around a century and a half. We’re now in the grips of a fibre revolution. Delivering warp factor Gigabit-capable speeds, these networks are powering connectivity and applications that are upping productivity and allowing us to collaborate and innovate around the globe (or just down the road) in real time.

So, what is so special about LCR Connect? Is it just another network? The answer is no. Not at all.

LCR Connect is a digital superhighway. A local network that is a 50% publicly-owned joint venture, being built for local businesses, putting the world firmly at their fingertips. Experts estimate that, with 100% full fibre coverage across the city region, the economic boost could be worth up to £1bn, creating thousands of local job and training opportunities.

Are you frustrated with substandard connectivity? Or connectivity speeds that don’t materialise once you’ve signed up?

LCR Connect is built to improve your digital experience and futureproof your connectivity needs. Here are a few reasons why LCR Connect is different to the rest:

  • LCR Connect is an open access wholesale network. This delivers choice. With more than 300 partners, you can access a range of business connectivity, IT, and cloud services, as well as specialist partners with industry specific solutions.
  • To keep it simple, we can switch your existing service to run over LCR Connect, hassle free, with no downtime.
  • We install customers to our network quicker than the industry norm, often in days of the order being placed.
  • We can also design bespoke solutions if an ‘off the shelf’ service doesn’t give you what you need. We have the ‘commercial flexibility’ to work with you.
  • We’re not a big faceless corporation, and it is this personal touch that really sets us apart. It means that our partners, your service provider, can get hold of us when they need to, and we can make sure everything is ticking along nicely – from placing the order, to getting you connected, to business as usual. And if something goes wrong, we act quickly. We believe that customer service and communication is as important as service delivery.
  • Unlike other operators, we want to make the experience of consuming connectivity simple and straightforward. We use the latest technology which is easy to scale when you need even more connectivity umpf.
  • As the Combined Authority owns 50% of LCR Connect, 50% of the profits will be reinvested back into the Liverpool City Region.

We’re a growing full fibre network operator with capital to invest. That means we aren’t limited to the 212km we have committed to. If you need connectivity but LCR Connect doesn’t reach you yet, get in touch and talk to us.

To find out what services are available visit: Network Build | LCR Connect

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