LCR Connect spotlight: 1Connect

Lee Wilson, managing director of 1Connect talks about how a lack of fibre access across the region has held back businesses from being able…

February 16, 2022

National Apprenticeship Week ‘22

The 15th Annual National Apprenticeship Week was earlier this month and LCR Connect’s build partner, NGE took the opportunity to shine a…

February 16, 2022

LCR Connect: why a wholesale access network is good for businesses

Philip Lee, head of channel at ITS Technology Group, an LCR Connect JV partner, explains the benefits of the wholesale access model, and how…

February 16, 2022

The cable that’s worth £1bn to the City Region

It’s just 18mm wide and made of tiny glass fibres, yet this insignificant looking cable promises to transform our lives and our economy. Being…

February 11, 2022

LCR Connect – Ultrafast Connectivity

Ultrafast Connectivity and infrastructure is likely to attract more companies to the Liverpool City Region. Not only will it provide growth…

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February 7, 2022

LCR Connect spotlight: FACTCO

Lee Murphy, Managing Director of Liverpool-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) FACTCO talks through the misconceptions of full fibre,…

January 19, 2022

An insight into the fibre optic cable

What lies beneath our streets puts the world at our fingertips… Full fibre is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to modern-day…

January 13, 2022

We’ve made it easy for you to access LCR Connect

Reviewing connectivity needs can often be the task that goes to the bottom of the to do list. However, access to LCR Connect will transform…

January 13, 2022

Keeping communities safe as we build

Hard hats and hi-vis spring to mind when we think of ‘Health and Safety’, but there is so much more to it than that… As with any construction…

January 13, 2022

Interview with Graham Morgan

This is a snippet of an interview with Councillor Graham Morgan, a leader at Knowsley Council, taken at the LCR Connect launch event.…

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January 10, 2022

Launch of the LCR Connect Social Value Fund

A group of digitally excluded learners in the City Region are set to benefit from LCR Connect’s first ever ‘Social Value Fund’ donation. The…

December 9, 2021

Interview with Dennis Kehoe

This is a snippet of an interview with Dennis Kehoe, CEO at Aimes, taken at the LCR Connect launch event.

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December 9, 2021

Demystifying full fibre connectivity

You’re a business in Liverpool City Region and you’re hearing all about LCR Connect, you may even see us installing fibre. But have you ever…

December 9, 2021

LCR Connect Spotlight: Sys Group

In the first of our business spotlights, we sit down with Liverpool-based technology partner Sys Group. Chief Sales Officer Nick Guite talks…

December 9, 2021

Interview with Roger Collins

This is a snippet of an interview with Roger Collins of Datrix, taken at the LCR Connect launch event.

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December 7, 2021
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